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Architecture Through the Ages

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Hamlin, Talbot. G.P. Putnam's Sons. New York, 1953

Printed on the title page:

"To study something of great age until on grows familiar with it and almost to live in its time, is not merely to satisfy a curiosity or to establish aimless truth: it is rather to fulfill a function whose appetite has always rendered History a necessity.  By the recovery of the Past, stuff and being are added to us; our lives, which lived in the present only, are a film or surface, take on body - are listed into one dimension more." attributed to Hillaire Belloc, "The Old Road."

Talbot Hamlin is/was a professor of Architecture, Columbia University, Fellow, American Institute of Architects.

Studies architecture and building and decoration techniques from ancient to modern (1953) times.  A very comprehensive text.