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Isaac Asimov: The Robot Novels

$ 40.00

Asimov, Isaac. Doubleday & Company, Inc. Garden City, New York. Probably 1983. Hardcover. Excellent condition. D/J Excellent Condition. 

The Caves of Steel takes place on a future Earth which is bursting at the seams with 8 billion  inhabitants. Mankind has long been split into two hostile camps: the Spacers, who live in luxury on their uncrowned worlds, and Earthmen, who live in vast underground cities which truly have become caves of steel.

Murder mystery, futuristic robots and Police Detective Elijah Baley (Earth’s Most Famous Detective )all come together in one heart pounding thriller.


The Naked Sun is another murder mystery/ Detective Elijah Baley thriller that takes place on the planet Solaria, where the Solarian High Command needs Baley’s help solving the insoluble murder of the planets most eminent scientist