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The Keys of the Kingdom - Novel

$ 20.00

Cronin, A.J. Little, Brown and Company, Boston. 1941
first edition

No dust jacket, book condition Fine: Clean pages, clean boards, writing inside front cover.
Black cloth covered boards with gold incised lettering.

The Keys of the Kingdom is a 1941 novel by A. J. Cronin. Spanning six decades, it tells the story of Father Francis Chisholm, an unconventional Scottish Catholic priest who struggles to establish a mission in China. Beset by tragedy in his youth, as a missionary Chisholm endures many years of hardship, punctuated by famine, plague and war in the Chinese province to which he is assigned. Through a life guided by compassion and tolerance, Chisholm earns the respect of the Chinese—and of fellow clergy who would mistrust him—with his kindly, high-minded and courageous ways. (from Wikipedia)