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The Masters’ Book of Ikebana;Background and Principles of Japanese Flower Arrangement

$ 100.00

Richie, Donald &Meredith Weatherby, Eds., Bijutsu Shuppan-Sha:Publishers, Tokyo, Japan

with lessons by the masters of Japan’s three foremost schools, and a treasury of over 400 photographs.

Sen’ei Ikenbono, Headmaster, Ikebono school, Kyoto

Houn Ohara, Headmaster, Ohara School, Osaka

sofu Teshigahara, Founder, Sogetsu School, Tokyo

The Binding Cloth,with a kimono- silk floral pattern, is in the favorite Spring color the Japanese call “Young Grass”. The end papers reproduce a detail from an ancient scroll painting showing a 12th century cherry-blossom-viewing party.

 A gorgeous volume