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Ukiyo-e Painting; Freer Gallery of Art Fiftieth Anniversary Exhibition

$ 50.00

Stern, Harold P.  Smithsonian Institution. Washington, D.C. 1973

From the Foreword: Fifty years ago the Freer Gallery of Art of the Smithsonian Institution was opened in Washington, D.C.  From the outset the avowed purpose of the Gallery was the promotion and the finest ideals of the beauty as in the civilizations of the Far East. The means by which this purpose was to be maintained and safeguarded were clearly set forth by the donor, Charles Lang Freer.  It would be difficult to exaggerate his foresight and perseverance in focusing attention on that vital area of the world which was then only slightly known in the United States.  Equally important was the emphasis Mr. Freer placed on the continuing research to further increase our understanding of the cultures of the East....

Inscribed to "Katherine R. Sturgis, June, 1973" in pen on inside front cover