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Visions of Cody

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Kerouac, Jack with introduction by Allen Ginsberg.written 1951-1952. Published after his death in its entirety in 1972 by McGraw Hill Publishers, New York.


A pioneer and icon of the beat generation, Jack Kerouac( 1922-1969)

was an American novelist and poet best known as a visionary of influence to the Beat Generation, along with Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs. His writings, which are an exploration into a blend of issues ranging from poverty, drugs and travelling to jazz, spirituality and Buddhism laid the foundation for modern Hippie Culture. Jack Kerouac is to marijuana what Hemingway is to whiskey.

This is his first novel, Visions of Cody, written between 1951-1952 and published after his death. It was perhaps his most important novel. Before its full publication in the 70’s, it had become an Underground Cult classic regarding the exploration of American culture. A Rare and Important book.