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The Gravy Boat

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The Gravy Boat

The humble gravy boat is the easiest thing to forget for your Thanksgiving Feast Table.  You have the eight to twelve dinner plates, salad plates and soup dishes.  You have wine glasses and water glasses and a nice table cloth, which is an heirloom from your mother's family.  You have the Turkey platter, the serving bowls and serving spoons, a carving set, linen napkins with napkin rings and even candle holders to hold those clever turkey shaped taper candles that you picked up on sale last year.  But did you forget the gravy boat?  The tureen which purveys the liquid gold that ties the whole meal together; the gravy boat carries the savory sauce that captures the very essence of the great roasted bird (cooked carefully with some wine and flour).  You can't just serve that divine thickness in any old pot to your splendid and perfectly designed feast table.  Such a luscious liquid must be given a precious vessel.   So when meticulously planning out this grand meal, as you dedicate effort to finding the free range organically fed and humanely dispatched perfect turkey give a thought to the humble gravy boat for serving up that perfect bird's juices.  If you don't have one, Charlotte Elliott has several.  We are here for you.  
In the photo this you will find a Georgian Style silver plate Gravy Boat.... $35  

and don't panic!  We have the rest of those fabulous things for your table as well.

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