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See our new website!
Same location but we have updated the look of our website. We want you to be able to shop online for all the fabulous things we have to sell you. We hope the site is pleasing and helpful and exciting for you. It only took us fifteen years to get this far. Keep in ind that the inventory on our website represents only a fraction of what we have to offer at the shop. Some collections have more in them than others but that only means that the entirety of the inter-webs is not large enough to encapsulate all that makes our shop such an exciting place to visit. We will be posting new items each week. But we will also be adding more to our brick and mortar shop each week. So don't neglect one shopping experience in exchange for another. And if you are looking for more options in a particular collection and couldn't possibly come to see what we have in person, give us a call on the phone and we see what we can do to help.
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See our new website!
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