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Halloween Costumes and Vintage Clothing

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Halloween Costumes and Vintage Clothing
Remember when you were little and dressing up in Mom or Dad's clothes was so much fun? With Halloween fast approaching and everyone is trying to think of a costume to wear, I want you to channel your inner child and remember those days of dress up.  Putting on that floral dress and feeling like a field of Daisies or wearing the business suit coat and feeling like you could manage Wall Street was so much fun. As adults we get so few chances to dress up and be silly. We are usually dressing for jobs or corporate events. We so rarely get to just put n a fabulous dress and pretend to be pirates or princesses or a field of Daisies. It is because of this that, for Halloween this year, I want to you come to the Speakeasy at Charlotte Elliott and find a funky styled dress and a great hat or a "Sherlock Holmes" coat or a lush velvet coat and enact some fun childhood fantasy for a costume. Use the excuse to not be so serious and cut loose for a change. You my find a new style for yourself in the vintage styles that we have to offer.
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Halloween Costumes and Vintage Clothing
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